Utilities and Lighting

Utilities in care homes

The intense and almost round-the-clock demand for heating, lighting and water in caring environments, along with higher staffing costs and local authority budget cuts, means that care homes are coming under increasing financial pressures. Reducing costs and saving energy is therefore essential, allowing the money to be spent on  improving the quality of life for the residents.

How Solutions for Care can help

With over 20 different energy suppliers offering commercial energy prices in today’s market, the task of negotiating with each of them to find the best deal is a daunting process. We have access to all of these suppliers, so we can take away the headache of shopping around and find the best deal to suit your business needs. We can save you money on the following areas:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water

Reducing your costs

Based on the volume of business transactions we have with these suppliers, we are in a great position to be able to negotiate a wide range of competitive rates and bespoke products for each customer. Once we have compared prices and products from each supplier, we will present the options back to you in a digestible and understandable format. You can then make an informed decision, saving you time and money.

On-going account management

We recognise that a successful business relationship is based on consistency and trust. Unlike energy suppliers, and other energy brokers, every Solutions for Care client is assigned a dedicated account manager. The account manager will look after all of your energy needs from the outset, continuing that same dedication through the life of the energy contracts and providing excellent service to larger and smaller businesses alike.

What we do

Your dedicated account manager is there not only to facilitate and negotiate your energy contracts, but also to assist with any queries or supplier issues you may have at any point during the energy contract that you choose. No matter how big or small your query may be, your account manager on hand to ease the burden on you.



In any caring environment, lighting can make an impact on the way people feel and behave. With increasing age, people lose their natural day and night rhythm. Insufficient activity across the day and sleep disorders at night are the result. Modern lighting can stimulate the natural progression of daylight, creating a pleasant atmosphere for both residents and staff.


The benefits of good lighting in care homes

Good lighting in care homes can:

  • Help residents identify signs, spaces and faces
  • Enable residents to participate in activities
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Reduce trip and fall accidents
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Reduce glare
  • Help in the processing of visual images for residents with dementia
  • Create a pleasant ambience

The carbon footprint

Almost half of our carbon footprint is due to electricity usage and 17% of this is due to lighting. We depend on lighting to meet several of our daily requirements.

With our lighting provider, fitting low energy light bulbs is simple, helps the environment and will also help to reduce your energy bills.

Reducing your energy bills

We understand that lighting is fundamental. With today’s rising energy costs it has never been more important to investigate where savings can be made. We also understand that this goes hand in hand with keeping or creating the right ambience and comfort within a designated space, whether this is a living, bedroom or activity space.

Our lighting supplier works closely with research and development teams from leading manufacturers to ensure that new advances in lighting technology are available to our clients. This enables them to provide a solution or guidance from which our clients can benefit.


    What our clients say...

    “Just wanted to once again say thank you for taking the time to come and visit Seashell Trust and to deliver two superb workshops for our care staff. Solutions for care have been vital to enable us to change our way of thinking and move forward with fresh cooking skills & ideas, your commitment to helping our residents has been amazing.”

    Claire Boyle, Head of Finance – Seashell Trust

    “After working with the team for the past 10 years, I did not hesitate to take Solutions for Care with me in my new challenge as Care Manager at Abbeywood Lodge. It is essential that we receive the best price at all times and I am safe in the knowledge that Solutions for Care will continue the excellent work they do in keeping my prices as low as possible.

    Having the Solutions for Care team on our side allows me the luxury of knowing that products are being monitored and that they are continually looking at ways to reduce my costs.”

    Neil Rearden – Care Manager

    “Solutions for Care have helped me by hosting a training day for all my chefs and managers within our group, a total of 12 care homes. I would recommend Solutions for Care to anyone who wants to witness the results that I have in confident chefs, understanding managers but most importantly – happy residents.”

    Wendy Conn – Crown Care Group

    “I have to say, that is quite simply the most honest, useful and intelligent responses of real integrity that I’ve received from an energy broker EVER! You have gone way up in my estimation”

    Dave Partington, Carehome owner

    “We have found the transition from our current supplier to Solutions for Care seamless. They have made every effort to make sure prices, deliveries and quality of products are workable for us at all levels. The level of customer care has been nothing but exceptional. We are very much looking forward to building a strong working relationship with Solutions for Care, if only all our suppliers would be this great at looking after their customers!”

    Claire Quinn – Grange Healthcare

    “"I’ve been blown away with the support from Solutions for Care. All your partners have been so helpful and have even looked at cost savings to us without prompts. Quite amazing really. So huge thanks for all that you have done and continue to do for us at Sandstone. Many headaches solved." 

    Steven Hamblett – Area Manager