Compliance and Care Plans

Don’t face challenging matters on your own.

The daily life of a manager is fraught with many complex issues when dealing with so many individuals. Whether it is clinical, staffing, environmental, business viability, compliance. It is very difficult to not feel very overwhelmed by all that needs to be accomplished. 
Noncompliance to Regulations and local authority contractual arrangements can have a negative impact on the reputation of the care service and detract from its success.

Help is at hand

When you can’t see the wood for the trees our consultants will provide the necessary support and guidance through our bespoke services.

Compliance health check

A comprehensive analysis of your care home’s ability to meet regulatory compliance, producing a development plan demonstrating good practice and identifying areas that need to be addressed and action plans to do so.

Policies and Procedures

Are a requirement of Regulation and an essential key to the stability of the service. We have a full set of policies and procedures which will form a framework for you to adapt to meet your specific requirements.

Management Coaching

Good leadership is essential to stimulate and motivate a team. A positive attitude that re-enforces quality care has an immense effect on the service. 
We can assist you in coaching your management team, enabling senior staff to reconnect with their responsibilities and overall goal of the care organisation. We can help you and your team take a fresh approach to management.


We can provide training that is not mandatory but will enable staff to understand processes more. This would include Care Planning, CQC Compliance, Quality Monitoring and participation during inspections.

PIR Completion

Do you find this document a struggle?By working with us, we can help you provide a positive outlook on the status of your care home. Our approach will ensure the visiting inspector is fully informed regarding the areas where you do well, and take a continual improvement approach to care management.

Administration Review and Support

Paperwork can become over whelming, and the best way to deal with it is to ensure you have systems in place that can make things easier and more efficient. We can help you simplify your systems and assist you in re-evaluating your current administration processes.

Crisis Package

This package is designed for situations which may demand more frequent visits and increased support in the initial stages. Once improvements are made, support then begins to taper off.

Group Support

This package would particularly suit owners of 1-5 homes where there is no Regional Manager and would generate a Provider Report. 
Larger groups may use the package as a guide to determine whether a home is ‘on track’ based on external professional opinion.

Care Planning and Documentation

Care planning and the maintenance of documentation on a whole has become very onerous and time consuming. Written care plans do not always demonstrate evidence based practice and recording at the point of delivery of care is increasingly difficult.

Electronic or computerised Care Plans are the way of the future and help to eliminate the pitfalls of paper based records.

We understand that making the move to computerised care recording can be a daunting prospect and so we do much more than just provide the software. Our subscription packages include all the computers to run the system efficiently. We’ll install them and make sure that they work just as you want them to – any hardware problems are our responsibility. You’ll also have full use of our 24/7 technical support team and any problems will be sorted as quickly as possible.

You’ll also benefit from initial on-site training and we’ll support you on an ongoing basis with a variety of training options available.

Assessments follow a comprehensive structure that ensures no area is missed or overlooked and fully personalised and person-centred care plans can be produced and maintained with ease.

Contrary to what most people think about computerised care planning systems, our system is easy to learn and use and full technical and training support is provided within the package.

With an array of monitoring charts, body maps and documentation templates, our system has everything that you will need to take your care planning to the next level.


    • Flexibly designed solutions that will align with your carehomes needs.

    • Aimed at raising standards relevant to CQC as well as being beneficial to staff, residents and supporting business stability and growth.

    • Giving staff the awareness to recognise how behaviour is effected by emotions and how to manage situations.

    • Reducing the time spent planning and scheduling training allows all staff to focus on caring duties.

    • Remove the need for interaction with multiple training providers who often have confusing and conflicting timetables and standards.


    Top 10 reasons to have our Care Management System in your home

    Time Saving

    Everything about our system is designed to save time – from creating care plans to recording daily events

    Comprehensive Care Planning

    Care plans can be created and maintained with ease and the system ensures that all relevant areas are covered

    Professional Image

    All the information stored within the system is fully personalised and branded with your details and logo

    Real-time Monitoring

    The system automatically monitors the information and provides alerts to anything missed or out of date

    Fast Reporting

    All the information can be viewed or printed quickly and easily

     Improved Record Keeping

    By making the process as simple as possible, care staff are more motivated to update records

    Care Records Analysis

    Information can be quickly analysed on screen or in print so you will be able to make full use of your care records


    Care records can be customised to suit since every home has its own ways of working



    What our clients say...

    “Just wanted to once again say thank you for taking the time to come and visit Seashell Trust and to deliver two superb workshops for our care staff. Solutions for care have been vital to enable us to change our way of thinking and move forward with fresh cooking skills & ideas, your commitment to helping our residents has been amazing.”

    Claire Boyle, Head of Finance – Seashell Trust

    “After working with the team for the past 10 years, I did not hesitate to take Solutions for Care with me in my new challenge as Care Manager at Abbeywood Lodge. It is essential that we receive the best price at all times and I am safe in the knowledge that Solutions for Care will continue the excellent work they do in keeping my prices as low as possible.

    Having the Solutions for Care team on our side allows me the luxury of knowing that products are being monitored and that they are continually looking at ways to reduce my costs.”

    Neil Rearden – Care Manager

    “Solutions for Care have helped me by hosting a training day for all my chefs and managers within our group, a total of 12 care homes. I would recommend Solutions for Care to anyone who wants to witness the results that I have in confident chefs, understanding managers but most importantly – happy residents.”

    Wendy Conn – Crown Care Group

    “I have to say, that is quite simply the most honest, useful and intelligent responses of real integrity that I’ve received from an energy broker EVER! You have gone way up in my estimation”

    Dave Partington, Carehome owner

    “We have found the transition from our current supplier to Solutions for Care seamless. They have made every effort to make sure prices, deliveries and quality of products are workable for us at all levels. The level of customer care has been nothing but exceptional. We are very much looking forward to building a strong working relationship with Solutions for Care, if only all our suppliers would be this great at looking after their customers!”

    Claire Quinn – Grange Healthcare

    “"I’ve been blown away with the support from Solutions for Care. All your partners have been so helpful and have even looked at cost savings to us without prompts. Quite amazing really. So huge thanks for all that you have done and continue to do for us at Sandstone. Many headaches solved." 

    Steven Hamblett – Area Manager