Communications Services

Voice, mobile and Internet with built in Safeguarding

Introducing One Call

Our unique “One-Call” Resident solution is a system that offers dignity to the resident as it allows them to make calls to loved ones from the privacy of their own room.  It comes with safeguarding functions making it safe for vulnerable residents to use without worrying about inappropriate use or nuisance calls.  This “in-room” solution for residents also doesn’t require any BT lines (and subsequent 12-month contracts).  This means that your residents can call a selection of numbers safely, and that only the same preselected callers can reach them. There is also the ability to control the hours of use to shield loved ones from unreasonable calling patterns. However, personalised messages may be pre-recorded to offer a calming, reassuring voice if the handset is picked up during those controlled hours.  All services are pre-paid, in order that relatives can be sure that costs remain in control.

Helping the Care Industry benefit from the latest technologies while reducing costs and improving the safeguarding of both Employees and Residents

Communications technologies and commercials are constantly changing. We can help review, assess and improve all areas of communication including Telephones Systems, Lines, Mobiles, Internet connections and Messaging. All elements are also reviewed with respect to how well all stakeholders are safeguarded.

Our service also then provides for ongoing management to make sure that the benefits continue to be experienced over time.

How do we do this?

  • We gather information about your existing arrangements. This can include latest invoices and contracts for all services.


  • We then review your current spend, contract terms and functionality to see where we can reduce ongoing costs and/or improve functionality.


  • All our recommendations are fully costed and focus on flexibility and reliability….Afterall, communications are core to effective care environments.


  • It is important to note that we do not promote change for change’s sake. If your current arrangements are adequate, we will report that and recommend no change.

Some of the technologies, solutions and functionality we can provide:


  • Telephony Systems including Connectivity. There is a forthcoming date where the UK will change the type of line you have. ISDN is being ceased and a move to SIP is coming. We can help support this.


  • You can do without an “on-site” system all together. Hosted telephony allows you to do without hardware and rely on our, always updated and supported, cloud systems.

  • Call recording – We have affordable solutions with no Capital Requirements. You simply elect to record all, or a sample of calls in and/or outbound.


  • Internet Connectivity – SuperFast Broadband, Leased Lines and even 4G options to provide affordable, reliable and flexible options for any site or user.


  • Cordless on-site telephony so that staff members can roam freely around site or even between sites.
  • Advanced Call reporting. Not only is our billing platform able to provide remarkably informative analytics across your whole business or site by site.


  • Multi-site solutions where all of your staffed locations can be brought together as one. This also allows certain resources to be centralised, such as reception, accounts and resident services, so you can benefit from scaling and the associated staff savings

What our clients say...

“Just wanted to once again say thank you for taking the time to come and visit Seashell Trust and to deliver two superb workshops for our care staff. Solutions for care have been vital to enable us to change our way of thinking and move forward with fresh cooking skills & ideas, your commitment to helping our residents has been amazing.”

Claire Boyle, Head of Finance – Seashell Trust

“After working with the team for the past 10 years, I did not hesitate to take Solutions for Care with me in my new challenge as Care Manager at Abbeywood Lodge. It is essential that we receive the best price at all times and I am safe in the knowledge that Solutions for Care will continue the excellent work they do in keeping my prices as low as possible.

Having the Solutions for Care team on our side allows me the luxury of knowing that products are being monitored and that they are continually looking at ways to reduce my costs.”

Neil Rearden – Care Manager

“Solutions for Care have helped me by hosting a training day for all my chefs and managers within our group, a total of 12 care homes. I would recommend Solutions for Care to anyone who wants to witness the results that I have in confident chefs, understanding managers but most importantly – happy residents.”

Wendy Conn – Crown Care Group

“I have to say, that is quite simply the most honest, useful and intelligent responses of real integrity that I’ve received from an energy broker EVER! You have gone way up in my estimation”

Dave Partington, Carehome owner

“We have found the transition from our current supplier to Solutions for Care seamless. They have made every effort to make sure prices, deliveries and quality of products are workable for us at all levels. The level of customer care has been nothing but exceptional. We are very much looking forward to building a strong working relationship with Solutions for Care, if only all our suppliers would be this great at looking after their customers!”

Claire Quinn – Grange Healthcare

“"I’ve been blown away with the support from Solutions for Care. All your partners have been so helpful and have even looked at cost savings to us without prompts. Quite amazing really. So huge thanks for all that you have done and continue to do for us at Sandstone. Many headaches solved." 

Steven Hamblett – Area Manager